Goddess Ninsar  

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NINSAR is the Sumerian Goddess of plants. She is the daughter of Ninhursag, Goddess of fertility, and Enki, God of the waters. She was impregnated by her father Enki and bore Ninkurra, also a Goddess of plants. Ninsar's name means "lady greenery," and she was also known as NINMU (lady who brings forth) or NINSHAR (lady herb).

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Hunab Ku  

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Hunab Ku is the name of a supposed Maya deity, described as "the supreme god" whose name appears in only two colonial sources: the Motul Dictionary and the Chilam Balam of Chumayel. The fact that the deity is described only in a few late sources, both of which are heavily influenced by Christianity has caused some scholars to suspect that the deity was not an actual Maya deity but was rather invented by Franciscan friars to ease the transition from the traditional polytheist Maya religion to strict Christian monotheism. References to Hunab Ku have figured prominently in New Age Mayanism such as that of Jos'e Arg"uelles.

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