Satan Aka The Morning Star Prince Of Darkness Lord Of The Flies The Devil  

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Satan Aka The Morning Star Prince Of Darkness Lord Of The Flies The Devil Cover
He is the least popular of all angels, but an angel he is in many spiritual paths. He does God's will by brining misfortune and disaster to mankind. He himself points out in Job that it is easy to love a God who gives only good things.

So there too we get to see his role in testing man even up to death. He can be very subtle tempting man to do evil, but again much of humankind's own rotten inclinations have fell on his head.

The holier and more devout the person, the more ceaseless Satan's attempts to test them will be. He can overstep his limits and tested God himself by testing Jesus. But a simple utterance of the name of Jesus will send him fleeing. For to lean on God is the ultimate act of trust and self-denial.

He or a flunky will quite happily show up at the moment of death to snatch evil souls. His torments can be everlasting or for a repentance period, but are aimed at purging the soul of evil. Remember even in Hell it is God not the devil who reigns.

Just to make things confusing there are other views of him. Some Christians see him as the father of all evil, and death himself. Those who take a strong disliking to God and his church turn rebel and become Satanists. They truly believe in Satan, and obey the laws of their dark covens seriously.

The Church of Satan, on the other hand, believes in nothing at all, not even Satan. They just use him as an excuse to be anti-establishment.

Modern witches and pagans tend not to believe in him at all, as he looks strangely like Pan. Well, they had to demonize the old gods some way, didn't they?

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