Goddess Corn Mother  

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CORN MOTHER is the Native American Goddess of renewal, motherhood, and you guessed it, corn. She was the first mother of the people on earth, and they were great hunters. Unfortunately, they hunted so much that the animals were almost all killed off, and there was no meat left to eat. The children came to Corn Mother and asked her for food, but she had none to give. Corn Mother then said to her husband, "you must kill me and have our sons drag my body on a cleared patch of earth until there is no flesh left on my bones. Then bury my bones in the center of the patch. Leave this place for seven moons, and when you return there will be food enough for all."

Corn Mother's husband did as she had asked, and her sons dragged her body until there was no flesh left. They buried the bones in the center of the clearing, and then went away in grief. Seven months later, they returned to find tall plants with tassels of silken hair such as Corn Mother had. These plants were what had become of Corn Mother's flesh--it had turned to corn for the people to eat. At the center of the clearing where her bones were buried, there was a plant with broad leaves. This plant was tobacco, which the people used in ceremonies to celebrate the bounty that Corn Mother gave them.

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Greek Goddess Salus  

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SALUS is the Roman Goddess of health and welfare. Similar to the Greek Goddess Hygieia, she was responsible for the health of both individuals and the Roman state. One of her titles, SALUS PUBLICA POPULI ROMANI (Goddess of the public welfare of the Roman people), illustrates this all-encompassing role. She is often depicting holding or feeding a snake, a common symbol of healing.

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The Xanas  

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The XANAS are Asturian water nymphs. Short beautiful women with long blonde hair, they live in fountains or near rivers and streams in Asturias in the north of Spain. They can be either good or evil, depending on whether the person they appear to is good or evil themselves. When appearing to a good person, the Xanas sing songs that bring peace to the heart and often reward the person with great treasure. When appearing to an evil person, the song of the Xanas can cause madness. The myth of the Xanas is preserved in place names in Asturias, such as the Desfiladero de las Xanas, a limestone canyon carved by the river of the same name.

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Base Of A Delphian Tripod  

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Base Of A Delphian Tripod Image
The windings of these serpents formed the base, and the three heads sustained the three feet of the tripod. It is impossible to secure satisfactory information concerning the shape and size of the celebrated Delphian tripod. Theories concerning it are based (in most part) upon small ornamental tripods discovered in various temples.

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