Yemonja Goddess Of Ocean  

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Yemonja Goddess Of Ocean Cover
The Yemonja/Olokun matrix is a complex manifested by the ocean and is made up of two distinct characteristics: Yemonja is at the surface, exposed to light, and is subjected to the pull of the Moon. Ile Okun is beneath, dark and mysterious where the forgotten depart.

Yemonja is the care-taking energy. Yemonja deals less with creation and more with nurturing. While Osun conceives, Yemonja sustains. It is the energy of strength which will support our lives by bringing us what we most need – for there can be no life without water

Yemonja is the spirit of the Ocean, and much can be learned by observing the rhythm of the tides, which are in constant motion. These represent emotion and the subconscious. The pull of the Moon reminds us of something that is far and yet far-reaching. Although we may lament the mystery of the depths that can never be fully known, Yemonja offers the comfort and assurance that all things needed to sustain life are contained within.

Yemonja is the first Orisa I ever had physical contact with. My mother took me to her as a 2 month baby ‘to get my feet wet’. As a child the beach was the most free and wholesome place I knew on earth. I find now that I am very close to Mother Yemonja I can tell when she is angry, or cleaning herself. There are times to swim in her and there are times to allow her to rest. She is soothing ready to wash away your stress and her yet her wrath can leave the most horrific impression on your life. She is Divine and very wise, wide enough to hold a variety of life and sustain them on her own! Blessed Love to Mother Divine... Ase!

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