Italian Gods And Goddesses  

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Italian Gods And Goddesses Cover
Astraea: Italian goddess of truth and justice. Also known as Astria.
Aradia: Italian witch goddess. She came to earth to teach her mother Diana's magic. Symbolizes the air element, the moon.
Anteros: Italian-Roman god of love and passion. He was, specifically, the god of mutual love and would punish those who did not return love.
Corvus: Italian messenger god.
Cel: Italian god of death and the underworld.
Comus: Italian god of revelry, drinking, and feasting.
Carmen: Italian goddess of spellcasting and enchantments.
Copia: Italian goddess of wealth plenty.
Fortuna: Italian goddess of fortune, fate, destiny, blessings, luck, and fertility. Often invoked when one wants to receive money by chance, like in a lottery or contest.
Faunus: Roman and Italian god of woodlands. Symbolizes love. Also known as Pan [Greek].
Frebruus: Italian god of purification, initation, and of the dead.
Fauna: Italian goddess of the earth, wildlife, forests, and fertility. Symbolizes prosperity as well.
Jove: Italian-Roman sky god.
Jana: Italian goddess of the moon.
Lucina: Italian goddess of childbirth.
Lucifer: Italian god of sun and light. Brother and soulmate of Diana, father of Aradia.
Lupercus: Italian god of agriculture, wolf-god.
Lethns: Italian earth and nature deity. Invoke during sky, water, or element of earth, or for divination.
Marica: Italian goddess of agriculture.
Nox: Italian goddess of the night.
Pertunda: Italian goddess of sexual love.
Uni: Italian goddess of witchcraft.
Umbria: Italian goddess of shadows and things which are hidden or secret.
Virbius: Italian god of outlaws and outcasts; the guardian of sanctuaries.
Vertumnus: Roman-Italian god of fruits.

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