Jenny Green Teeth  

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Jenny Green Teeth Cover
Is she a fairy, hag, vengeful ghost, or something even worse? Nobody seems to know, though legend has it is drowned long ago. Now the very dead and skeletal Jenny hides in ponds. She is covered with moss and water weeds so children, and no doubt some adults never see her lurking at the water's edge.

When her prey is within reach two mossy green skeletal arms shoot out and drag her victim under. They say Jenny does this because she loves children and wants them with her. Her water-logged brain doesn't seem to understand that drowning is horrifying to the victim. Once in her steely grasp none have escaped.

She is the face of death that is very real in weed-chocked or other dangerous ponds. The victim ensnared in the muck or weeds has no chance of getting out if he or she panics. Which is a given if a green mossy skeleton with putrid green hair is smiling at them. Jenny is usually silent preferring to wait for her prey.

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