Greek Goddess Adikia  

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Greek Goddess Adikia Image
ADIKIA (pronounced ah-DEE-kee-uh) is the Greek Goddess of injustice. She is the opposite of Dike, Goddess of justice, and is depicted as an ugly woman being beaten by the beautiful Dike. Adikia's name, which means "injustice," is also seen as ADICIA.

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Goddess Meret  

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Goddess Meret Image
MERET is an Egyptian goddess of song and rejoicing. She is credited as having helped to establish cosmic order through her music, song, and the gestures of musical direction. She is the wife of Hapy, God of the Nile, and the bowl that she holds signifies the reception of his bounty. On her head she wears a papyrus plant, the symbol of Lower Egypt, although some depictions show her with a blue lotus, which symbolizes Upper Egypt. Her name, which means "beloved," is also seen spelled as MERIT or MERT.

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