Goddess Sedna  

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SEDNA is the Inuit Goddess of the sea and sea creatures. She is the daughter of Anguta, the creator-god. As a maiden, Sedna was tricked into marrying a seabird who promised to take her away from her lonely life with her father. The bird's "palace" turned out to be a dirty nest and he treated her like a slave. When Sedna's father came to rescue her in his boat, the bird and his flock caused a great storm on the sea. To appease the birds, Anguta threw Sedna overboard. She tried to climb back into the boat, but her father chopped off her fingers. She tried again, and he cut off her hands. As Sedna descended to the bottom of the sea, where she rules over the underworld, her dismembered fingers and hands turned into fish, seals, whales, and other sea mammals. These creatures are all very important to the Inuit way of life, and hunters thank Sedna for their continued food supply.

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