Goddess Morningstar  

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MORNINGSTAR is the Wakaranga Goddess of plant life. When the Creator first created the earth, he created one man, Moon, and sent him to live on the earth. Moon was lonely, because there was no other life on the earth, so the Creator sent him Morningstar to be his wife for two years. Morningstar brought fire with her to the earth, and shared it with Moon. After they made love, Morningstar gave birth to all of the plants of the earth-grasses, trees, flowers, vines, and shrubs. The trees grew so high that they touched the sky and caused the clouds to release their rain for the first time. Morningstar and Moon lived happily for their two years together, until it was time for Morningstar to return to the heavens. Moon missed her so much, that the Creator sent him a new wife, Eveningstar, Goddess of animal life.

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