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The Star deities influenced human happiness, wealth and cattle and each star corresponded to the Kut of a man on Earth, whose star fell to Earth on his death. A happy man, protected by fate was called ‘a man with a star’.

Timer Kazyk (Iron Stake) The Polar Star was a traveller's reference point during the night. The name Iron Stake was probably given due to its seemingly static position. Two close stars moved around it like horses on a cord tied to a stake and were named ‘Two White Horses’. The Polar Star was also called ‘The Smoke Hole of the Sky’, which acted as a passageway between worlds.

"There was a time when the Sky and Earth were in disorder. The Sky pressed on the Earth, which fragmented. Great Chaos came upon the Universe. The Black Storm grasped the Earth and the ashes of it were mixed with the clouds, whilst thunder roared, lightning flashed and hailstones fell the size of ducks' eggs. People, animals and birds perished and only groans were heard upon the Earth. Fear, confusion, suffering and grief reigned. Mountains moved, rivers overflowed, fire destroyed forests and steppes. The moon, sun and stars lost their orbits and were swept into chaotic spinning. Chaos and disaster reigned for three years, until the Lord of the Sky, Tengri, in great anger hammered a Golden Stake into the Universe. This secured the Sky and Earth and became an axis to the world, which guides the path of the moon, sun, stars and comets. The end of this staff is seen at the night and was named Timer Kazyk."

The Seven Elders (Ursa Major) They were offered kumyz, milk and animals. The Seven Elders kept a kidnapped daughter of the Pleiades.

Urker (Pleiades) The Turks noticed that Urker leaned towards The Seven Elders and thought that Urker pursued them to free His daughter. The Turks determined the time of night and the seasons by the Pleiades.

The Shepherd’s 'Star' (Venus) With the rising of this planet, shepherds brought herds to the aul (village) corral.

Chulpan, the Morning Star12 The Turks named children in honour of this favourite star.

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