Goddess Gendenwitha  

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GENDENWITHA is the Iroquois Goddess of the morning star. She was loved by a hunter named Sesondowah. Sesondowah had once chased an elk who turned out to be a spirit. It led him to heaven, where he was captured by the Goddess Dawn. He was forced to stand at her door every day as her guard. One day, Sesondowah looked down to the earth and saw a beautiful girl, Gendenwitha. He transformed himself into a bird and went down to court her. When he carried her back up to heaven, Dawn found out and was very jealous. She turned Gendenwitha into a star and placed her above her doorway. Sesondowah she tied to the doorpost, so that he would always be able to see Gendenwitha, but she would always be out of his reach.

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