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URd is the Norse Goddess of past fate. She is the oldest of the three Norns, Goddesses of destiny. The Norns are in charge of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Every day, they take water from the Well of Fate (also called the Well of Urd), mix it with clay, and pour it over the tree's branches. This stops it from decaying.

Urd, as the oldest of the Norns, rules over the past. Her name means "that which has been", and is the root of the English words earth and weird-the Norns were the original Wyrd Sisters. Urd spins out the thread of life, which is then wound by the middle sister, Verdandi, and cut by the youngest of the Norns, Skuld. As the Norn of the past, Urd is depicted looking backwards in comparison to her sisters. Her name is also seen as URDA, URTH, URDR, and URTHR.

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