Greek Goddess Iris  

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IRIS is the Greek Goddess of the rainbow. She is the daughter of the Titan Thaumas, a sea God, and a cloud nymph named Elektra, and sister of the Harpies. Just as a rainbow links heaven to earth, Iris links the Gods to humans--she is their messenger. She is usually shown with wings and a staff, and she carries a pitcher which contains water from the River Styx. With a sea God for a father and a cloud nymph for a mother, Iris connects the sea to the sky, and it was said that the waters in her pitcher replenished the clouds.

Iris is married to Zephyros, God of the west wind, and with him is mother of Pothos, the God of sexual longing and desire. She figures in many myths in her role as messenger of the Gods, mostly carrying messages for Hera and Zeus. Epithets associated with Iris include KHRYSOPTERON (golden-winged), AELLOPUS (swift-footed), and THAUMANTIAS (daughter of Thaumas).

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