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Freya had two jobs. She was the goddess of love and the goddess of war. She was the daughter of Njord, and the sister of Frey. She had a husband named Od. Somehow she lost him and got so upset that she cried golden tears which fell to the earth as amber. She had a chariot was pulled by cats and she owned the precious necklace called Brisingamen. She also had a feather coat which she used to fly between the worlds. Some say that Friday is named after her and Frey and Frigga.

I am Freya, great queen of the northern people
I am mother and lover and ruler
I am the mistress of magic
I am the goddess of the full and shining moon
At this season of Yule I am full of light
Filled with the child of promise
As you see me shining full and radiant, see yourself
For you are also filled with light
As I cradle deep the child of promise
I must nurture myself completely
Feed my soul and my body and my mind
The most precious things
For I have a deep binding obligation to myself
And to the light which grows within me
I feel my body swell to fullness and
I know the time is now
Birth holds both joy and pain
There is ripping and giving way
For the new life to spring forth
Have you felt my pain
Open yourself and let the miracle occur
The babe is born
When I look upon the child of light
I see I have given birth to myself
And that I have given birth to you
We are the light and
We have returned to the world
I welcome you my children
For the child of light
The child of promise
Is indeed ourselves
Let us bless and honor the child
Nurture it and it shall grow strong
For now it has a life of its own
I have held you in my belly and
Given you the gift of life
I gift you with your body and mind and spirit
I gift you with that special quality
That is yours alone
I gift you with the blessings of the world
I gift you with the powers of magick
And the magick of rebirth
What will you make of my gifts?
What will you give me in return?
Do you honor me with your accomplishments?
Your loving nature?
Do you honor me by honoring the earth?
By adoring the moon and sun
And all of creation?
I charge you to go out into the world and
Make me proud of you
For to do otherwise is a disservice
To me and to yourself

CrossRoads, Yule 9995, by Amy Joyce

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