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KAPO is the Hawaiian Goddess of magic. She is the sister of Pele, Goddess of volcanoes, and mother of Laka, Goddess of the hula. Kapo was able to change her shape at will, but she is mostly known for another talent--she was able to detach her vagina from her body and send it where she liked. One time, she used her "kohe lele" (flying vagina) to save her sister Pele from being raped. Pele, wandering near her home at Kilauea on Hawaii's Big Island, was being stalked by Kamapua'a, a God who was half man and half pig. Just as he was about to force himself on Pele, Kapo sensed her sister's plight and threw her vagina past Kamapua'a's face. He immediately forgot about Pele and started to chase Kapo's vagina, following it all the way to the island of Oahu where it landed, forming the Koholepelepe Crater (more commonly known as Koko Crater) next to Hanauma Bay. The kohe lele then returned itself to Kapo, leaving Kamapua'a alone on the rocks. Kapo's name, which means "darkness," is also seen as KAPO-'ULA-KINA'U (red-spotted Kapo), KAPO-KOHE-LELE (Kapo of the flying vagina), and KAPO-MA'I-LELE (Kapo of the flying genitals).

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