Greek Goddess Hebe  

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Greek Goddess Hebe Image
HEBE (pronounced HEE-bee) is the Greek Goddess of youth. She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and served as cupbearer of the Gods until she was replaced by the Trojan youth Ganymede. After that, Ganymede held the cups while Hebe poured the nectar of immortality into them. During the Trojan war, Ganymede was too distressed to perform his job, so Hebe took the role back until the end of the war. She gave up the job permanently when she married Herakles. When Herakles had finished the twelve labors set on him, he was rewarded with immortality and godhood, and his marriage to Hebe, eternal youth, gave him that immortality. Epithets for Hebe include HEBE JUNONIA (daughter of Juno [Hera]), HEBE BASILEIA (princess), and HEBE KALLISTRAGALOS (of fair ankles), and she was also known as GANYMEDA (gladdening princess) or DIA (divine).

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