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IDUN (pronounced EE-doon) is the Norse Goddess of eternal youth. She is the custodian of the western garden, in which grow the golden apples of immortality. When the Gods felt themselves aging, they would go to Idun for one of her apples, which restored their youth and vitality. Idun was once kidnapped by the storm God Thiazi who disguised himself as an eagle. The trickster God Loki had lured into her a forest away from her husband Bragi, the God of poetry. Thiazi swooped in and carried her off to his home. Without Idun's apples, the Gods began to age. They threatened Loki with torture until he agreed to rescue her. Thiazi, enraged that Idun had been taken from him, pursued Loki, but the Gods burned his feathers and he fell to the ground dead. With Idun and her apples back where they belonged, the Gods were soon restored to their youthful selves. Other names for Idun include IDUNN, IDUNA, IDUNNA, ITHUN, ITHUNN, and YDUN.

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