Goddess Ikapati  

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IKAPATI is the Tagalog Goddess of fertility, especially that of plants. In the beginning, Ikapati lived with her husband Bathala in the heavens, with the moon and stars as their neighbors. Although he tried to hide it from Ikapati, Bathala felt that his life was empty and Ikapati decided to do something to make him happy. She went to her garden and mixed together some clay and the dew from a banana blossom. When the ball of clay became to big for her hands, she gave it to Bathala and told him to finish it. Bathala took great joy in shaping the ball, giving it mountains and rivers. He took seeds from the plants in Ikapati's garden and scattered them over the ball, which he now called the earth. Ikapati was proud of her husband's work, and she placed the earth in its proper place under the sky. She poked holes in the sky so that the stars could shine through, and she created rain, which gave life to the seeds that Bathala had spread. Ikapati's name means "giver of food," and she is also known as LAKAPATI or LAKANPATI.

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