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HINA-'ULU-'OHI'A is the Hawaiian Goddess of the 'ohi'a tree. On the island of Oahu, she is thought to be the wife of Ku-ka-'ohi'a-laka, God of canoe builders, but on Maui she is the wife of Kaha'i, God of lightning. In legends, Hina-'ulu-'ohi'a protects children and appears as a beautiful woman covered in the leaves and red flowers of the 'ohi'a tree. The tree is sacred to both Hina-'ulu-'ohi'a and Ku-ka-'ohi'a-laka, and special ceremonies must be performed before the flowers or leaves are gathered. Hina-'ulu-'ohi'a's name means "woman of the 'ohi'a tree," and she is also known as LA-EA (in her aspect as Goddess of canoe builders) and NAHINAHI-ANA (in an aspect in which she dyed and stamped kapa, or bark cloth).

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