Goddess Prajnaparamita  

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PRAJNAPARAMITA is the Buddhist Goddess of transcendental wisdom. She is the feminine "perfection of wisdom", the Mother of All Buddhas. Her face is serene, having attained the freedom of enlightenment. She is usually depicted with many arms, and the items they hold are symbolic of her role as teacher: meditation beads (the eternal cycle of time), a rope (to retrieve those who have strayed from the path), fruit (prosperity), a lotus (purity), a vase (abundance), and, most importantly, a book (wisdom). Hands that are not holding objects are in the mudra, or hand gesture, for teaching. The Prajnaparamita Sutras are a collection of sacred writings that reveal the path to wisdom, and they are taken to be the teachings of the Goddess. There is some question as to whether the book or the Goddess came first.

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