Greek Goddess Phoebe  

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PHOEBE (pronounced FEE-bee) is the Greek Goddess of light. She is one of the Titans, daughter of Gaia and Ouranos, and sister-wife to another Titan, Koios, God of intelligence. Phoebe was also the Goddess of earth-based prophecies, most notably the oracle at Delphi. She was the third Goddess to have charge of Delphi, after Gaia and Themis. With Koios, Phoebe had two daughters, Leto (Goddess of the oracles of the day) and Asteria (Goddess of the oracles of the night). Leto in turn was the mother of Artemis and Apollo, and Phoebe passed the care of the Delphic oracle to Apollo. Her name was also used as epithets for the twins. Phoebe, as a Goddess of light, later became associated with the moon and more particularly with the Goddess Selene, who was the moon personified. Phoebe's name, which means "bright," is also seen as PHOIBE, and the epithets GOLD-CROWNED and GOLDEN-WREATHED were used for her.

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