Hours Of The Night  

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In Egypt, each hour of the night was represented by a protective Goddess. Collectively, the Goddesses strengthened the sun God Re through the night and witnessed his rebirth every morning. The hour Goddesses were shown in human form in two groups of six on either side of a depiction of the underworld, usually containing a huge coiled snake. They did not have names as such, but were referred to by their epithets: "SPLITTER OF THE HEADS OF RE'S ENEMIES", "THE WISE, GUARDIAN OF HER LORD", "SLICER OF SOULS", "GREAT OF POWER", "SHE ON HER BOAT", "PROFICIENT LEADER", "REPELLER OF THE SNAKE", "MISTRESS OF THE NIGHT", "ADORER", "BEHEADER OF REBELS", "THE STAR, REPULSER OF REBELS", and "BEHOLDER OF THE BEAUTY OF RE".

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