Goddess Tsui Sheng Niang Niang  

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Goddess Tsui Sheng Niang Niang Image
TS'UI SHENG NIANG NIANG (pronounced CHOY SHUNG nee-YUNG nee-YUNG) is the Chinese Goddess of midwifery. She is one of the attendants of Bixia Yuanjin, Goddess of childbirth, and she is called upon for a swift and easy delivery. Ts'ui Sheng Niang Niang also makes sure that babies are delivered to the correct families. She is usually depicted holding a baby and a stick of cinnamon, which is a symbol of growth and success. Her name, which means "the mother who hastens childbirth," is also seen as TSAI SHENG NIANG NIANG, TS'UAI SHEN NIANG NIANG, TSUA SEN NIANG NIANG, TS'UI SHENG SHENG-MU, JU SHENG NIANG NIANG, JUISHEN NIANG NIANG, ZU SHENG NIANG NIANG, SUNG SHENG NIANG NIANG, CHUSHENG NIANG NIANG, CUISHENG SHENG-MU, CHUI-SHEN NIANG NIANG, and CUI SHENG.

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