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Diana is a very old deity wand was believed to once have been a spirit of the woods and wildlife. In Roman mythology, She was the virgin goddess of hunting, of the fields and forests, and of fertility and childbirth. Although, she was very popular with women. She was also highly esteemed by the men. As the Goddess of the Chase, Diana was the great protectress of the wild beasts; She was often portrayed as a hunter, carrying a bow and arrows as in the picture above. Later, She was also a Crescent Moon Goddess and is sometimes depicted wearing a crescent moon over Her head. Ironically, though a fertility goddess, She remains a virgin. Her father, Zeus, granted Her the gift of eternal chastity.

Diana remains with us today as the 'call of the wild' which guides us back to our roots in nature. Her presence tells us that it is okay if we let our animal essence out once awhile... to feel the wind in our hair... to dance and sing under the Moon...or to throw off our clothes and swim in a creek. Diana is with us when gaze upon the stars in wonderment. To honor Diana, find a special place in or near your home that you can call your own sacred grove to Diana. Pray to Her that you will never forget the great wonder of creation. Treasure the joy of just being alive. And, if you are an urbanite as I am, you can pray to Her when you need Her strength to survive the wild city life or when just want to find the peace that comes from nature within you.

Offerings to Diana can be flowers, plants, jasmine, lavendar, rosmary, wheat, barley, beans, milk or honey.

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