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Egyptian Moon Goddess, Great Mother and Giver of Life. With Osiris, Isis and Horus (the divine child) made up a Holy Trinity. She is the Goddess of marriage, motherhood, fertility, magick, healing, reincarnation and divination, to name a few. Isis is the patroness of priestesses.

One myth has Isis poisoning the Sun God Ra, offering to save him only if he would reveal his secret name. At last, at the brink of destruction, Ra gives Isis his heart, with the secret name it held, and his two eyes (the Sun and the Moon).

Isis quells the poison and ends up with Ra's supreme power. In time the great Eye was passed along to her son Horus. Proclus mentions a statue of her which bore the inscription "I am that which is, has been and shall be. My veil no one has lifted." Hence, to lift the veil of Isis is to pierce the heart of a great mystery.

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