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I probably should have saved her for Earth Day or Mother's Day, but they're so far away! By my count, she has over 50 children, and I know I'm missing some.

GAIA is the Greek Goddess of the Earth, mother to all the Gods. In the beginning, there was only Khaos, the nothingness of space. From Khaos, there appeared Gaia (Goddess of the Earth), Nyx (Goddess of the night), Tartaros (God of the Underworld), Erebos (God of shadows and darkness), and Eros (God of sexual love). Gaia then created Ouranos (God of the sky), Pontos (God of the sea), and Ourea (God of the mountains). With Ouranos, Gaia is the mother of the twelve Titans: Theia (Goddess of sight), Rhea (Goddess of female fertility), Themis (Goddess of divine law), Mnemosyne (Goddess of memory), Phoebe (Goddess of light), Tethys (Goddess of nursing), Okeanos (God of fresh water), Koios (God of intelligence), Krios (God of constellations), Hyperion (God of observation), Iapetos (God of mortality), and Kronos (God of time).

Gaia and Ouranos also created the three Kyklopes and the three Hekatonkheires (each of whom had one hundred arms and fifty heads). Ouranos, ashamed of these monstrous sons, pushed them back into Gaia's womb, causing her much pain. In agony, Gaia gathered her sons together and begged them to help her. The youngest, Kronos, took the sickle that Gaia had made and castrated Ouranos with it. Some of the blood and semen sprayed on to Gaia, and she gave birth to the race of Giants, the Erinyes or Furies, and the Meliae or wood nymphs. Ouranos's testicles were cast into the sea, and from them Aphrodite was born.

Gaia's role as mother to the Gods was still not finished. With other fathers, she gave birth to Antaeus, Keto, Kharybdis, Kreusa, Erikhthonius, Eurybia, Mimas, Nereus, Pheme, Phorkys, Python, Sperkheus, Thaumas, and Typhon. Alternate names for Gaia include GAEA and GE.

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