Turkish Water Goddess  

Posted by Stella Clark

Turkish Water Goddess Cover
Water was born earlier than Earth. Therefore She was believed to be a senior sister to Earth. The beginning of the Earth emanated from Water. From the bottom of the Water a 'heavenly duck’ lifted the sand, clay and silt, from which the Earth was created. The closest deity to Water was Rain. She was hostile to the Fire Diety. The Turks believed that “Water was the initial state of everything in existence, equivalent to primordial chaos. Water was the medium, agent and source of global grandeur. Water evenly gave rise to both foreign and hostile elements. It was the possessor of spirits and the entrance into the other realm.” Water was greatly respected, as without it, life on Earth is impossible. The life, fertility and productivity of land depended on the Water Goddess. Therefore sacrifices were made to Earth and Water at river sources and lakes, asking for a good harvest, increase in cattle and general well being.

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