Greek Goddess Khaos  

Posted by Stella Clark

Greek Goddess Khaos Image
KHAOS is the Greek Goddess of the air. There are two schools of thought as to how she came into existence--either she was the first being (in the beginning, there was only chaos), or she is the daughter of Ananke and Khronos, two of the primeval Gods. In the first instance, Khaos created Erebos (God of darkness), Nyx (Goddess of the night), Aither (God of light), and Hemera (Goddess of the day). In the second, she is the sister of Erebos and Aither. Either way, Khaos represented the empty misty air in between the earth and the heavens. Her name, which means "the gap" or "the chasm," is also seen as KHAEOS, CHAOS, or CHAEUS.

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