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It is an inspired truth, common among most pantheistic and so-called primitive religions of the world, that there is a great primeval intelligence, an energy that gives life and form to every particle of the universe. The archetype gods and goddesses are all part of this great intelligence, each having dominion over a different aspect of life.

Each star and planet is a sentient being, capable of manifesting in human form if necessary, as is each individual feature of the landscape. Each tree, each plant, even the stones on the ground are all given life and awareness through their roles in this great intelligence, as of course is animal life, from the most minute creature, to man himself.

Because all creation is part of this great god energy, everything is worthy of respect, and because all matter is connected through this energy we can tune into and use it through prayer and magic.

~from Gypsy Magic

by Patrinella Cooper

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