Lord Parashurama  

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Lord Parashurama Cover
Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Parashurama,The Lords warrior incarnation,born as a brahmana,to kill kshatriyas on the earth to save brahmanas.

Lord Parashurama is born as a brahmin but he is a very powerfull warrior with an axe,who has destroyed the kshatriyas on the earth.Lord Parashurama was the son of saint Jamadagni,and jamadagni's wife is Renuka.There was a king named Kaarthaveeryarjuna,who has 10,000 hands and 10,000 heads,a powerfull king,who has 21 sons.The King has visted the ashram of Jamadagni,with his sons and with the soldiers.

Then the sage Jamadagni has arranged food to the king and others,thru a divine cow,the king was very much satisfied by the food provided,and found out from the sage that the divine cow,can give anything,and forced Jamadagni to give it to him.And had taken the divine cow with force.After parashurama had returned,he went to the kings place and killed Karthaveeryarjuna,and many many soldiers,and went away.Finding the king being killed by Lord Parashurama,the kings sons had returned to the place of jamadagni and killed the sage Jamadagni.

After parashurama returned to the ashram,his mother renuka has cried a lot saying his father had been killed.Lord Parashurama has attacked 21 times and killed the 21 sons of the king,and many many soldiers,with battles after battles,to kill many kshatriyas on the earth whose blood began to flow like a great river.For killing all the kshatriyas Lord Parashurama was associated with sins and had visited many temples and removed all his sins.

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