Goddess Groundedness  

Posted by Stella Clark

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The Earth Mother, Ceres, is the Roman name of the Greek Goddess, Demeter. She is the goddess of agriculture. The ancient tale of her stolen daughter (Persephone) helps to explain the cycles of seasonal change. During the period that she was sorrowfully searching for her abducted daughter, she was so stricken with grief, that she struck the Earth barren...the winter months. And once she finds her daughter...and for the six months that her daughter remains with her each year, the Earth is fruitful....the summer and the autumn.

There are other cycles which we, as women, experience...the Moon...our biological cycles. Ceres represents these cycles that we experience ans woman...and allows us to accept the ebbs and flows graciously. Working with Ceres' energy helps one to feel more centered, calm, and connected with the Earth. Are you taking good care of yourself?

Take some time out to look after yourself for a change. Make a list of activities that relax you. Indulge in whatever you want to do. We need to allow ourselves some time each day to rest and relax in our own unique way. It may be something like taking a walk in nature or quietly listening to our favorite music...or maybe it is doing nothing at all. Having the courage not to let the demands of others interfere with our special times is being a good friend to ourselves.

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