Goddess Mehet Weret  

Posted by Stella Clark

Goddess Mehet Weret Image
MEHET-WERET is the Egyptian Goddess of streaming waters. She was associated with the Nile and its floods on earth, as well as the Nile that was thought to flow in the underworld and the Nile in the sky (the Milky Way). Mehet-Weret helped the dead be reborn into the afterlife by guiding them on the river. She also was said to give birth to the sun every morning, which is why she was often depicted wearing a headdress with the sun disk between her horns. She was usually depicted as a cow lying on a reed mat, or as a woman with a cow's head. Mehet-Weret's name, which means "great flood," is also seen as MEHETWERET, MEHITWERET, MEHIT-WERET, MEHITWER, MEHTURT, MEHURT, MEHET-URET, METHYER, MEHUERET, and MEH-URT, and the titles LADY OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and THE GREAT COW IN THE WATER were used to honor her.

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