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Kartikay Cover
Kartikay, also known as Subhramanya, Kartik or Kartikkeya, is a central deity of the Hindu tradition of India. He is greatly revered by shaivites as a son of Shiva. In Vaishnava, Advaita and Smarta traditions he is held as a manifestation of Brahman. Kartikay is usually known as a god of war in Advaita, Smarta, Vaishnava and Shaiva traditions. His role in Hindu thought is as a bestower of spiritual powers or siddhis, gained through spiritual accomplishments. His role, as bestower of siddhis complements his brother Ganesha's role as Remover of Obstacles. Traditionally Kartikay is the name of the god of war. In the Puranas the deity is identified as Kartikay or Kartikkeya. However in certain myths he is known by six different names to represent the fact that he has six heads. These are: Kartikay, Subramaniam, Skanda, Guha, Shadannana and Sanmukha.

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