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SENGEN-SAMA is the Japanese Goddess of Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms. She is married to Ninigi, God of rice and grandson of Amaterasu. Sengen-Sama became pregnant so soon after their wedding that Ninigi doubted that she had been faithful to him. Sengen-Sama built a hut with no doors, and said that when she delivered her child, she would set fire to the house. If the baby was not Ninigi's, then she and the child would die in the flames. As it turned out, the babies (she had twins) were Ninigi's children, and they and Sengen-Sama survived the fire. One of the children went on to be the grandfather to the first Emperor of Japan.

As Goddess of Mount Fuji, Sengen-Sama has a shrine at the top of the mountain, where her worshippers greet the rising sun, and she sometimes called ASAMA (dawn of good luck). As Goddess of cherry blossoms, she is also knows as KONOHANA (child flower) or KONOHANA-SAKUYA-HIME (the princess who makes the tree-blossom bloom).

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