Goddess Bila  

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BILA is the Australian Aboriginal Goddess of the sun. She was a cannibal who caught her human victims and roasted them over an open fire, which provided light for the world continuously. Kudnu, the Lizard Man, and Muda, the Gecko Man, decided to stop her from eating the people and Kudnu threw a boomerang at her and injured her. Bila turned into a ball of fire and fled the world, leaving it in darkness. Kudnu threw boomerangs to each of the directions to try and catch her, and the one that he threw to the east hit its mark. The ball of fire returned to the sky, traveling slowly from east to west, sinking below the horizon and returning in the east each day. Kudnu and Muda were celebrated for stopping the killing and for creating day and night, and from that time on, the people did not eat lizards or geckos in their honor.

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