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NEITH is the most ancient of Egyptian Goddesses. She rules over war and weaponry, weaving, and is seen as the creator of both Gods and humans. She is "the eldest, mother of the gods, who illuminated the first face." It was said that Neith wove the world on her loom. Her emblems of a bow and crossed arrows show her status as a a warrior Goddess; hunters also asked her blessing on their weapons. Neith's rule over weaving led her to a function in the underworld as well--she provided the bandages and shrouds used in mummification. She was most often depicted in human form, but could also take the form of a cow (symbolizing the nursing mother) or a serpent (representing a protector of the king). Epithets associated with Neith include "MISTRESS OF THE BOW", "RULER OF ARROWS", "THE GREAT COW", "THE GREAT FLOOD", "THE NURSE OF CROCODILES", and "MISTRESS OF MENDES".

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