Goddess Louhi  

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LOUHI is the Finnish Goddess of sorcery. She is Queen of the land of Pohjola. In the Kalevala, a collection of Finnish myths, Louhi desires a magical item known as a sampo, a mill that gives prosperity to its owner in the form of grain, salt, and gold. Her wizards are unable to make one for her, but she learns that the smith Ilmarinen is able to make one. She offers him the hand of her beautiful daughter in marriage in exchange for the sampo. After many failed attempts, Ilmarinen crafts the magical mill. Louhi takes it, but refuses to let her daughter leave. She sends Ilmarinen away, keeping the sampo locked away.

Ilmarinen returns to Pohjola with the hero Vainamoinen. They sneak into Louhi's ice palace and steal the sampo. In the battle that follows, the sampo is destroyed and Louhi, who has transformed herself into the winged creature in the picture, is killed.

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