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EVENINGSTAR is the Wakaranga Goddess of animal life. She is the sister of Morningstar, Goddess of plant life, who had been sent to earth to be the wife of the only man who had been created, Moon. Morningstar was only allowed to stay with Moon for two years, and after she returned to the heavens, Moon was very lonely. The Creator promised to send him a new wife, Eveningstar, but warned Moon that if he accepted, he would only live for another two years. Moon was so lonely that he agreed, and Eveningstar came to him. After they made love, Eveningstar gave birth to cows, sheep, and other farm animals. After the second time they made love, she birthed the birds of the sky and the animals of the plains, such as antelope. After the third time, she gave birth to human children.

At this point, the Creator told Moon that he should not sleep with Eveningstar again, but Moon ignored him. This time, Eveningstar gave birth to lions, snakes, scorpions, and other dangerous animals. This scared Moon into leaving Eveningstar alone, and he turned his attentions to the daughters they had, who had grown into beautiful women. Eveningstar became jealous, and sent one of her snakes to bite Moon. Moon grew sick, and soon the land grew sick as well and the people were faced with famine. Blaming their suffering on Moon, they killed him and threw his body into the ocean. Moon's body rose out of the ocean and traveled to the heavens, where he continues to search for his first love, Morningstar.

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