Horned Deities  

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The sixteenth Trump in the Tarot is XV The Devil, a commonly recognized and often misunderstood symbol. The card shows a classical devil, an image of the Knights Templar's Baphomet, half man and half beast, enthroned in a kingdom of darkness, giving the sign of benediction with his right hand while holding a flaming torch in his left. Before his throne are a naked man and woman, chained in servitude and transformed by the addition of horns and tails to mark them as damned souls trapped in the darkness of the underworld.

The Devil corresponds to the sign of Capricorn as is indicated by the goat's hindquarters of the demon, making the card a symbol of the animal or carnal side of earthly life. The Hebrew letter attributed to this card is Ayin, an eye, and represents the path that joins the solar Tiphareth with the mercurial Hod, implying that the Devil's power lies in creating an awareness of intelligence, hinting also at the original sin of becoming aware of good and evil.

Although this card is often misinterpreted as indicating sin and evil, its true meaning indicates ambition, drive, passions and essential life forces. Poorly dignified in a spread it may also be interpreted as temptations, distraction in physical desires and even obsession or, in extreme instances, possession by adverse or harmful forces. Its most esoteric meaning indicates the influence of a secret or essential force in the question.

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