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GBADU is the Fon Goddess of fate. She is the daughter of Mawu and Lisa. She lived on top of a palm tree in the sky, where Mawu had told her to sit in order that she could watch what happened in the land, sea, and sky. Gbadu has sixteen eyes which she could not open for herself. Each morning when she awoke, her brother Legba would come to her palm tree and ask her which of her eyes she wanted open. Instead of speaking, she would place palm kernels in his hand to correspond to her eyes.

Gbadu had several children while living in her tree, including two daughters and numerous sons. Yet she was troubled, because she did not know why Mawu had told her to stay in the tree. She also saw that there was trouble in the land, sea, and sky, because no one knew how to speak Mawu's language or how to behave properly. The only one who could speak Mawu's language was Legba, so Gbadu asked him to help. Mawu told Legba to teach her language to three of Gbadu's sons and send them to earth. She also gave Gbadu the keys to the future and devised a way for men to use palm kernels to open Gbadu's eyes and see their fates. The three sons of Gbadu--Duwo, Kiti, and Zose--taught men how to divine their future, and also reminded them that they all come from Mawu, and that only she could give them life.

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