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HATHOR is the Egyptian Goddess of love, music, and women. Her name means "House of Horus", referring to her role as mother or wife of the God Horus, and also her identification with the sky where the falcon God flew. In other settings, she was said to be the wife or daughter of the Sun God Re; as the "GOLDEN ONE", she accompanied Re on his daily journey across the sky. She was sometimes worshipped as a Cow-Goddess, and it is in this form that she became the royal nurse, symbolically nourishing the king with her milk. She was also depicted in human form wearing a headdress with a sun and curving cow horns (a symbol later associated with Isis), or with a falcon perched on a pole. Other names for Hathor show some of her other attributes: MISTRESS OF THE VAGINA (assisting women with conception, labor, and childbirth); MISTRESS OF TURQUOISE and MISTRESS OF FAIENCE (protecting miners); MISTRESS OF THE SYCAMORE (her role as comforter of the deceased); MISTRESS OF THE WEST (welcoming the deceased to the underworld); MISTRESS OF THE RED CLOTH (she is usually depicted in red); MISTRESS OF DRUNKENNESS (alcoholic beverages were used in her festivals); and MISTRESS OF SONG (ruling over festive music).

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