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BAGALAMUKHI is the Hindu Goddess of truth and deceit. She is one of the Mahavidyas, the wisdom Goddesses. She has the power to tell truth from lies, and to stun liars into silence. She is usually depicted dressed in yellow, seated on a golden throne, and surrounded by yellow lotuses. With one hand, she holds the tongue of a demon, and her other hand holds a club with which she will silence the demon. Bagalamukhi is called on by worshippers for success in stopping gossip, for victory in legal matters, and to undo the effects of black magic or the evil eye. Her name is also seen as BAGALA, BAGLA, or BAGLAMUKHI, and her stotra of 108 names is as follows:

BAGALA (restrainer)

BAGALAMUKHI (she who restrains the mouth)

BAGALAVASI (she who restrains speech)

VACAMATA (mother of speech)

MANTRAMATA (mother of mantra)

STAMBHANI (paralyzer)

PRANAYAMI (restrainer of breath)

MUDGARAVINI (she who holds the mace)

JIVHAUNMULAYATI (she who pulls out the tongue)

PITISURYA (she who is yellow like the sun)

KANAKI (she who is golden)

TEJASURYA (she who is resplendent like the sun)

HLIMA (the embodiment of the bija hlim)

ASURAGHNI (she who slays asuras)

GAMBHIRAGHOSI (she whose voice is profound)

VIMOCHANI (she who gives release)

MOKSHACHANI (she who gives liberation)

HAIMA (golden)

RAKTASANA (she who loves blood)

STAMBHANAKARTI (she who causes paralysis)

SUDARSHANI (she who is pleasant to look upon)

JIVHASTHITI (she who is stationed on the tongue)

VASHINI (she who keeps persons under control)

SAPTAVIDYA (the seventh wisdom)

MAHANADI (she who has great sound)

VIJAYA (she who is victorious)

SARVAMANTRAVIDYA (she who knows all mantras)

AMARSANI (she who is angry)

KRODHAVANI (she whose voice causes agitation)

HASTATHADAMOKSHA (she who gives liberation from her hand)

DAMANADAMBHA (she who suppresses arrogance)

BHOGAKARA (she who enjoys pleasures)

UNMATTAVESI (she who appears insane)

MAHABALA (she who is very strong)

TIGMAMANYU (fiercely angry)

NIYANTRA (she who restrains)

SUKHAKARA (she who causes joy)

MADHUSANA (she who loves wine)

VIHASA (she who laughs)

MATTA (she who is intoxicated)

AKSHAKASHAMA (she whose eyes are akasha)

JIHVASTAMBHINI (she who paralyzes the tongue)

BRAHMARANDHRAPAVARTRI (she who opens the brahmarandhra)

HRIYANTRINI (she who has a yantra for a heart)

MAHAKALAMUKHI (she whose mouth is very black)

MAUNAKARTA (she who causes silence)

SAMBRAHMI (she who is a furious and awesome attendant upon Shiva)

KRIYAPADA (she whose words are actions)

KRITABHAYANA (remover of fear)

BANDHAKI (she whose form is illusion)

SIMHANADI (she who makes a sound like a lion)

TRYAKSI (she who has three eyes)

RATHAKARTI (chariot-maker)

RATNAYONI (she whose yoni is a jewel)

DEVASURAVARAPRADA (she who gives boons to gods and demons)

MUKTAKESI (she whose hair is unbound)

GABHIRA (she who is somber and profound)

VYAKARANODBHAVI (originating from correct use of language)

GAYATRI (identical with the Gayatri-mantra)

MAHANGA (having great limbs)

PITAMANIRUPA (she whose form is topaz)

MAMSATTI (meat-eater)

VARA (she who is excellent)

NADIPATYA (belonging to sound)

PITAROMANA (she whose hair is yellow)

MANAMUKHA (she who measures the mouth)

BALAHA (she who is strong)

SUKHAMBIKA (mother of pleasure)

YUDDHAMBIKA (mother of war)

SUNADIKARTA (maker of good sounds)

BHRANTIKARAMARDINI (slayer of those who cause error and confusion)

HASTASTAMBHANA (she who paralyzes the hand)

RUDRANI (she who wails)


ADHARATA (she who is in the south)

KRODHINI (agitated)

VAJRAYANI (she who has a thunderbolt)

MANOGRAHINI (she who captivates the mind)

SUMANOHARA (very captivating)

MANTRAPRANA (she whose breath is mantra)

SMASHANI (she who dwells in the cremation ground)

PALASHASAPADUKA (she who wears sandals of Palasa wood)

KATURAVAMUKHI (frog-mouthed)

HELAKARTA (she who causes hatred)

HARITALANI (she who loves yellow pigments)

KAPALAPRAKSHUDI (she who crushes the skull)

AKSHARAMBIKA (mother of letters)

BHASMADATVA (giver of sacred ashes)

YAMI (consort of Yama)

SVAJAPA (she who commands that mantras be recited)


SHIVA (auspicious)

DURVACAMARDINI (slayer of the demon Durvaca)

RAKTAMKRITA (she who is adorned with blood)

GIRNIMATA (mother of praise)

TRILOKAMOHANI (she who stuns the three worlds)

NILAKANTHADHARNI (supporter of the blue-necked god)

VIMADA (sober)

SUVARCASI (splendidly shining)

BHISHA (she whose actions are frightening)

GAMAKI (she who clarifies and convinces)

ANAPAYYA (she who does not drink water)

RASAVACA (the essence of speech)

ANAPAHNAVA (she who does not conceal the truth)

ABHIVADYA (she who is worthy of being saluted)

ABHAYADA (bestower of fearlessness)

PRETACARINI (she who walks among ghosts)

SARVABHIDHA (all-hearing)

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