Goddess Bixia Yuanjin  

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BIXIA YUANJIN (pronounced BEE-cha you-on-JEEN) is the Chinese Taoist Goddess of the dawn, childbirth, and destiny. As Goddess of dawn, she attends the birth of each new day from her home high in the clouds. As Goddess of childbirth, she attends the birth of children, fixing their destiny and bringing good fortune. Bixia Yuanjin is venerated in the Temple of the Purple Dawn at the summit of the holy mountain, Tai Shan, where women wishing to conceive come to ask for her help. Her father, Tai Shan Wang, is the God of the mountain and judge of the underworld. Her name is also seen as BIXIA YUANJUN, BIXIA YUAN JUN, PI HSIA YUAN CHUN, and T'IEN HSIEN NIANG NIANG, and epithets for her include PRINCESS OF THE ROSY CLOUDS, PRINCESS OF THE AZURE CLOUDS, and the JADE WOMAN.

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