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Frigga was the goddess of beauty, love, and marriage. She was the wife of the powerful Norse god, Odin. Some say that Frigga and Freya are one in the same, but personally, I believe they were two different goddesses. Legend has it that Frigga would spend hours at her spinning wheel, weaving the fates...and it is said that the Winter Solstice, the long night of darkness grew from the myths of this great Norse goddess. The celebration of this night was called Yule, adapted from the Norse word "Jul" which means "wheel". The Christmas wreath, a symbol which was adapted from Frigga's "Wheel of Fate "serves as a reminder of the cycle of the seasons and the continuity of life.

Frigga was a sky goddess and was responsible for weaving the clouds; She was also responsible for the rain and for the thunderstorms. Her sacred aniimals was the goose, and some say She was the original Mother Goose who caused it to snow when She shook out Her bedding. When She was seated at Her spinning wheel and weaving the fates, She became a goddess of divination and was credited with the creation of runes....although there are many stories which credit Odin with this. She was a seer, who knew the future, but could never change nor reveal it to others.

The longest night of the year is called "Mother Night" in Northern Europe because it was in the darkness that Frigga labored to bring the Light to birth once again.

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