Sheela Na Gig  

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The "sheela na gig" is the crossroads where fertility and steriilty, birth and death meet. The "sheela na gig" is a genre of ancient Celtic images depicting a naked wizened crone holding her legs open as if she were giving birth, although she is clearly too old to do so. The "sheela na gig" stretches her parturient vagina open with her hands as if it were a gate, while looking the viewer in the eye.

Many traditional belief systems perceive the Earth Mother as the ultimate source of life and death. One returns to her after death only to emerge again. The "sheela na gig" invites you to contemplate these mysteries

* Create an altar of contemplation with a sheela na gig as the focal point.

* Combine images of fertility and death - include pomegranates, bones, seashells, and feathers.

* If one is brave or curious enough, visualize stepping through the gate the "sheela na gig" holds open.

source: "Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells"

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