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Goddess of the Wind

Mo juba awo Oya!
Iwo ni Orisha Obinrin Afefe.
Iwo ni Oluwa Awo Iku.
Iwo ni Orisha Obinrin Efufulile.
Iwo ni Ologun Obinrin Julo Nase.
Iwo ni Emi Iye.

I humble myself before the mysteries of Oya!
You are the Goddess of the Wind.
You are the Owner of the Mysteries of Death.
You are the Goddess of the Tempest.
You are the Greatest Female Warrior.
You are the Breath of Life.

Orisa Oya is the invisible Orisha. In fact, Her face is said to be so terrible that none dare behold it. Oya’s presence the hurricane, tornado, the swaying of trees, the whistling of the atmosphere, the blowing of dust, the hurling of dirt. She is said to be as gentle as a breeze and as raging as a storm!

The Tempest

It is Orisha Oya who gives us our passport to life [breath] at birth, and requires its return at death. Oya is therefore, the watcher of the doorway between life and death. She is not death but the awareness of its existence. Orisa Oya is symbolic of things that are, felt more often than seen. In this sense she is associated with ‘covert’ activities and ‘secret’ operations.

Orisa Oya metaphysical principle is radical change creates abundance in this we we see her represents the destruction of old society making way for the new; and the power to completely destroy cities and fields, reverting them back to their original state.

She accomplishes this by sending cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes which destroy everything in their paths, forcing mankind to rebuild new cities and towns.

In my exprience with Orisa Oya I have found her lessons to be especially hard but powerful…she brings drama anything that needs reform…. fears and blockages Oya! will bring some kind of drastic experience to confront and remove the fear or you will continue to suffer in the state of your fear.

Living in the caribbean her gentle side are found in the tradewinds that grace our islands and her torrent is found in every hurricane that has rattled our homes…

I have also found the munificent mother to bring messages in her breeze and wisdoms of where to go and who you will see, next time listen when the winds blows and hear what messages our mother of the market may have for you!

Iba se Oya mo juba!

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