Greek Goddess Asteria  

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ASTERIA (pronounced as-TARE-ee-uh) is the Greek Goddess of the oracles of the night, such as astrology and dream interpretation. She is the daughter of the Titans Phoebe and Koios, sister of Leto, Goddess of the oracles of the day. With Perses, God of destruction, she is the mother of Hekate, Goddess of crossroads and doorways, as well as the shadows of the night. Asteria was pursued by Zeus, but instead of falling victim to his embrace, she turned herself into a quail and flung herself into the sea. She was transformed into an island, at first called Asteria and then Ortygia (from the Greek "ortux", meaning "quail"). Even as an island, Asteria was not safe--Zeus's brother Poseidon pursued her, and the island moved around in the sea to escape him. When her sister Leto, pregnant with Zeus's children Apollo and Artemis, was pursued by a jealous Hera, Asteria called to her and offered her a safe place to give birth. When Leto landed on the island, the seabed rose up and anchored the island in place. Apollo later named the island Delos (meaning "brought to light"). Asteria's name means "starry."

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