Hymn To Artemis  

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Hymn To Artemis Cover
sing of Artemis,
Sister of Hekatos,
the far-shooter,
Parthenos Iokheaira,
the virgin who delights in arrows,
who was fostered with Apollon.
She waters her horses from the river Meles
deep in reeds,
and swifty drives her all-golden chariot
through Smyrna to vine-clad Klaros
where Apollon Argyrotoxos,
god of the silver bow,
sits waiting for Hekatebolon Iokheaira,
far-shooting delighter in arrows.
And so hail to you,
in my song
and to all goddesses as well.
Of you first I sing
and with you I begin;
now that I have begun with you,
I will turn to another song.

~Homeric Hymn 9

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