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Unkulunkulu Cover
Unkulunkulu is the creator god in the language of the Zulu people. Unkulunkulu is believed to be father of Jesus and the term "Nkulunkulu" simple means "God". Other names include uMdali "Creator", uMvelinqandi "First than everything" also is uMvelinqangi in isiXhosa language. In the isiZulu language, the name means "the very great/high one". According to other myths, it is said that he came down from the sky to fight an Evil Demon and won against the Demon on a No Moon Day. His kingdom is heaven or Xenos "The land of angels and gods of protection". He is said to have created Primus angels Litu and his wife to be guardian angels of Jesus when he was born. He is also said to have created archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel... He also created Eden and Eva with Adam. His first angel was Lucifer the "Devil" whom later wanted to take the kingdom but was kicked out of heaven with few other angels. The creation stories of uNkulunkulu]] tell that he came from the reeds, and from them he brought forth the people and the cattle. He created everything from land and water to animals. He is considered the first man as well as the parent of all people. He taught the Zulu how to hunt, how to make fire, and how to grow food.

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