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ROD (the God) Old lord of creation. Wonder; swirling double-helix blue flame. Rod, sometimes referred to simply as god (Div, Diy; in the Veda Slovena Diy or Dia), is probably the most ancient deity in the Slavic pantheon. It is likely that several other gods, most notably Svarog, were initially epithets or incarnations of Rod. Svarog Rod meant Heavenly Rod. Later on these incarnations separated from Rod and were worshipped as separate entities. Very little is known about actual worship of Rod. In Slavic mythology Rod is the first god—progenitor of deities, creator of the Universe and its manager. He is the supreme universal principle, which established the divine law Pravda (Prav). He is a protector of blood-ties and clan relations, a patron of kinship and clan unions. At the beginning of Time, at the very beginning of the Cosmos, only Rod existed and there was nothing around him. According to some believers, he later created the Universe and the three worlds Jav, Prav and Nav, and arranged everything inside them. Rod also introduced the superior principle of balance between elements and enforced the highest law Pravda, which every creature and power (physical or metaphysical, material or energy) must obey.

Creator of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. Comes out of the Egg bringing Fire. He was the god who created both the world and life: he created man, established the family and gathered the nation together. Yav is the material world in which we are right now. Gods however are equally part of Yav. Yav is contained within Nav. Nav is the immaterial world, the world of the dead. Stars, which are the souls of the dead, as well as Svarga and Irij, are parts of Nav. Prav is the law that governs both Yav and Nav.

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